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1. All male's have fantasy of having happy ending or sex after massage session but you won't get this in all the reputed SPA's.

2. We are the few SPA's who got right's and permissions to give happy ending and sex after massage sessions. So you are no need to worry visiting our SPA.
3. We are the direct SPA owner who got permissions and you are completely safe if you visit our spa from our contact.
4. They are many mediators and advertisements flowing in internet in Hyderabad to trap good clients like you. Don't get trapped to those cheap adds and loose your money and reputation.
5. Our spa is safe and secure and your privacy is 100% assured.
6. Finally it's your choice to choose a SPA, so just think before you select a SPA.
7. Mediators/Brokers will try to trap you and take more money, since they work under us for commission. So they need to charge you more.
8. Since we are direct SPA owners you are not needed to pay any extra charges for us.
9. If you are not satisfied with the service, we will give you next service for free.
10. Call DEEPA for more details.

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